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Costs, Side Effects & Reviews of Laser Hair Removers 

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Girl Using Laser Hair RemoverLaser Hair Removers $179 To $599

The cost of laser hair removal is the first and most important consideration when deciding which laser hair remover is right for you. You will be considering initial cost, maintenance (lamp replacement etc.), treatment times and whether you want a cordless device.

Improved technology and micro electronics have given us
Personal Laser Hair Removers that are small, easy to use and provide results as good or better than the large, expensive units physicians and salons use. Personal lasers for home use are small, hand held devices about the size of a cordless phone. They are light weight and allow easy application.

Initial cost of your laser
will vary between brands. You can get an inexpensive unit starting at under $200 while the more professional style units will run up to $1000.

Consider maintenance costs while shopping for your laser. Some lasers have replaceable lamps/lasers while others do not. If the unit does not have replaceable lamps, look for the expected lifespan of the laser itself.

Treatment times are directly proportional to the size of the laser or lamp. Larger treatment areas allow faster treatments.

Some models are rechargeable and others require an AC outlet. Designed to be comfortable and easy to hold, applying a treatment is fast and virtually effortless. The average time for a laser application to both legs is between 15 to 30 minutes. Just like at your physicians office, the laser treatment is re-applied after 2-3 weeks and 4-6 applications are required for permanent hair removal. Most units are adjustable for your specific skin and hair type.

The cost differences between brands is due to the type of attachments included in the kit. Some kits come with extra lotions and creams for application after the laser treatment. Usually, none of these extra's are required and any over the counter skin lotion or cream will suit your needs. Above are the three most popular Personal Laser Hair Removers.