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Tria Laser Review

Tria Home Laser Review

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The Tria system comes with a white carrying case, battery charger, skin sensor, instructions manual and FAQ guide. As with all laser devices, please read and understand directions before using the unit. It uses the diode laser with five intensity settings and comes with free shipping, free returns, 30-day money back guarantee & 1 year warranty. TRIA EasyPay - $295 down & 7 monthly payments of $49

The Tria Hair Remover requires an initial charge before use. After charging, a one time activation by calling the Tria 800 number or going online to their website is needed. After activation, you must use the skin sensor to verify your skin color is not too dark. If the sensor blinks green, you are ready to begin. If it blinks red, your skin is too dark and you should not use the Tria. It should be noted that only the darkest skin will turn the sensor red. Tria recommends that you do a test run of one flash on an area you wish to treat. After 24 hours, if the test area shows no irritation, you are ready to begin.

To begin the hair removal process, you first shave the area you wish to treat. You don't want to wax or use any method that pulls out the hair follicle because the follicle is what the laser will be working on. You place the Tria directly on your skin and and wait for beep. Hold the unit in place until you hear a second beep meaning this section is completed and you can move on to the next area. If it emits a buzz rather than a beep, this means the treatment was not complete and needs to be repeated. You repeat these steps until the entire area has been covered. Treating both legs takes approximately 1.5 hours

The testers who participated in our

Tria Laser Hair Removal Review

felt a slight tingling sensation during use. After treatment, two of the four testers reported what felt like a light sunburn. None reported any redness or swelling but one reported dry, flaking skin two days after the treatment. After three treatments (2 weeks between treatments), all reported a reduction in hair growth between 70% and 90%.

Silk n Laser Review

Silk N SensEpil Flash & Go Review

The Silk'n is a corded style and comes with four extra lamps, instructional DVD, FAQ manual that must be read before use. This unit employs IPL technology with 5 comfort settings. As a safety measure, for the first 50 zaps, the silk n only uses the lowest setting. After the initial 50, the next 200 only go to level three. After that, you can use any setting you like. This unit comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and an optional payment plan. You can also purchase replacement lamps here. Silkn $499

The Silkn works exactly like the others with the same preparation steps of first shaving the treatment area and then testing a small patch with a 24 hour wait to check for adverse effects. Before you buy the Silk n, you must fill out a questionnaire to make sure your skin tone will be within acceptable guidelines.

It became immediately obvious to our

Silk n Laser Hair Removal Reviewers

that it has a relatively large treatment area (1 inch by 1 and 1/4 inch) compared to the Tria and the Epila. This made applying the treatment extremely fast. Both legs took about 30 minutes to complete. Our testers felt a tingling sensation during treatment and one of the four testers reported a slight discomfort for about 1 day after. None reported any redness, swelling or dry skin. After 3 treatments (2 weeks between treatments), all reported a reduction in hair growth between 70% and 90%.

The Silk n SensiEpil is middle of the road as far as price and is by far the fastest unit tested with impressive results. The only downside, if you want to call it that, is that the IPL lamps will require periodic replacement and cost about $45. I definitely recommend buying additional lamps when you purchase your kit as they can be included at a substantial discount. Silk n laser estimates each lamp will last 750 flashes which equals approximately 4 complete applications to both legs. When you look at the Silk n vs Tria, there are some definite advantages to the SensEpil.

No No hair remover Review

No No Hair Removal Review


The No No system includes a battery charger, instructions manual and FAQ guide. It works differently than the Laser or IPL units. The No No has a micro filament that makes contact with the hair and transfers heat through the hair to the follicle. This unit comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We should mention that there are 2 No No models currently available. The new 8800 and the old 8000 model (pictured). The 8800 is smaller with a slightly smaller treatment area for more precise application. This is useful for small areas such as the upper lip or eyebrows. The 8800 is more expensive at about $270 while the 8000 is around $170. If you can find an 8000, grab it because it is a great deal but they are going fast.

Just like the Tria, the unit must be charged before use but no activation is required. You do not shave the area a hair being present is required for proper use.

The process to use the No No is almost like the others. You place the unit in direct contact with your skin and slowly move it over the treatment area. The first thing our testers noticed about the No No is how fast an application is. Treating both legs took about 15 minutes. After the treatment, all the hair is gone and skin is silky smooth.

The participants in our No No Hair Removal Review felt absolutely nothing during treatment and none of the four testers reported any discomfort, redness, swelling or dry skin. After five treatments (2 weeks between treatments), all reported a reduction in hair growth between 40% and 60%.

The No No took very little time to apply each treatment. And don't let the small cost fool you. This little power-house works just as well as the others. At this price, all of our testers said they would have no problem recommending the No No to their friends.